List of Posters


Flexibility of lipase brought about by reaction temperature and additives controls its enantioselectivity in organic solvents: a rational approach for optimization of enantioselectivity for given enzymatic reaction

T. Okamoto , S-i. Ueji


Different strategies for the biocatalytical characterization of Candida rugosa lipases in organic solvents

P. Domínguez de María, A. R. Alcántara, J. M. Sánchez-Montero, M. Lotti, F. Valero, J. V. Sinisterra


Influence of alkyl-substituted silane precursors of silica gels on the enzymatic activity of immobilized microbial lipase from Candida rugosa

C. M. F. Soares, O. A. dos Santos, H. F. de Castro, F. F. de Moraes, G. M. Zanin


Substrate-assisted catalysis in a redesigned hydrolase to increase enantioselectivity

A. Magnusson, K. Hult


Stabilization of an intracellular Mucor circinelloides lipase for application in non-aqueous media

Antczak T., Szczesna-Antczak M., Bielecki S., Modrzejewska Z., Patura J.


Sugar esters synthesis by a membrane-bound M. circinelloides lipase in microreactor equipped with the water activity ‑ monitoring sensor

T. Antczak, J. Patura, M. Szczesna-Antczak, D. Hiler, S. Bielecki


New efficient enzymatic procedures catalysed by lipases for the synthesis of valuable regioprotected precursors of d-fructose in production of sugar derivatives

N. D’Antona, G. Nicolosi , M. El-Idrissi , N. Ittobane , P. Bovicelli


Effect of diverse lipases on the transesterification of grape seed oil with solketal and glycidol  

J.J. Méndez, M. Oromí, M. Torres, R. Canela


Assessment of acylglycerol composition, oxidation products and free fatty acids in lipase-catalysed transesterified fats rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

C .Tecelão, A. C.Nascimento, J. H. Gusmão, M. R. da Fonseca, S. Ferreira-Dias


Lipase-catalyzed esterification of glycerol with aliphatic and substited aromatic acid anhydrides

D. Batovska, S. Tsubota, Y. Kato, Y. Asano


Lipase-catalyzed direct condensation of l‑ascorbic acid and fatty acids in ionic liquids with assistance of hydrophobic additives

S. Park, F. Viklund, R. J. Kazlauskas, K. Hult


Cork polyesters and their building blocks from plant oils by enzyme catalysis

S. Warwel, F. Brüse, L. Heiss, E. Fehling


Lipase-mediated preparation of chiral building blocks for terpenes

Maurice C.R. Franssen, H. Jongejan, A. de Groot


Biogeneration of lipophenol compounds in hexane medium using selected lipases and substrate models

T. Petel, S. Karboune, B. Bisakowski, S. Kermasha


A direct enzymatic route to enantiopure alicyclic β-amino acids 

E. Forró, F. Fülöp


Approach for the dynamic kinetic resolution of cyclic α-amino esters

A. Liljeblad, A. Kiviniemi, L. T. Kanerva


Activation and peptide bond formation by lipase-catalyzed acyl transfers

Xiang-Guo Li , L. T. Kanerva


“Easy on-easy off technology”: a fully enzymatic method for kinetic resolution of chiral amines

H. Ismail, R. M. Lau, L. M. van Langen, F. van Rantwijk, R. A. Sheldon


CAL-B catalyzed resolution of 2-phenylcycloalkanamines 

J. Gonzáles Sabín, F. Rebolledo, V. Gotor


Two chemoenzymatic syntheses of both enantiomers of trans-cyclopentane-1,2-diamine

A. Luna, I. Alfonso, V. Gotor


CalB-catalyzed asymmetric aminolysis and ammonolysis of prochiral glutarates

M. López-García, I. Alfonso, V. Gotor


Kinetic resolution of nitro-aldol adducts

M. J. Sorgedrager, F. van Rantwijk, R. A. Sheldon


Enantioselective synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives using lipases

M. C.R. Franssen, A. Sobolev, G. Duburs, A. de Groot


Candida rugosa lipase-catalysed kinetic resolution of polycyclic analogues of 1,4-dihydropyridines

B. Vigante, A. Sobolev, B. Cekavicus, M. C. R. Franssen, G. Duburs, A. de Groot


Enzyme-catalyzed kinetic resolution of piperidine hydroxy-ester regioisomers 

M. Solymár, E. Forró, F. Fülöp


Synthesis of enantiomers of proline-related compounds via hydrolytic enzyme-catalyzed kinetic resolution

M. Kurokawa, T. Shindo, M. Suzuki, N. Nakajima, K. Ishihara,  T. Sugai


Lipase-catalysed resolution of cyclic β-hydroxyesters

L. M. Lèvy, J. R. Dehli, V. Gotor


Chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically pure α-hydroxyaldehydes and ketones

S. Gravil, H. Veschambre, J. Bolte, R. Chênevert


The enantioselectivity changes with substrate conversion during kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols and their butanoates catalysed by CALB

E. E. Jacobsen, A. R. Moen, E. W. van Hellemond, T. Anthonsen


Thiol functionalization of alcohols by chemospecific lipase catalysis

C. Mårtensson, K. Hult, M. Martinell


Candida antarctica B lipase catalysed alcoholysis of 3’, 5’-diacetyl-2´-deoxynucleosides

M. A. Zinni, S. D. Rodríguez, L. Ferrer, J. M. Montserrat, L. E. Iglesias, A. M. Iribarren


Influence of ring D substitution on lipase-catalysed deacetylation of steroid derivatives

A. Baldessari, A. C. Bruttomesso


Dynamic resolution of (R, S)-naproxen 2,2,2-trifluoro ester via lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis in micro-aqueous isooctane

Shau-Wei Tsai, Han-Yuan Lin


Enzymatic  resolution of terpenoid lactams towards new chiral compounds  with potential neuroactivity

B. Frąckowiak, A. Trusek-Hołownia, T. Librowski, S. Lochyński


A new chemoenzymatic method for the synthesis of (S)-(+)-zopiclone

L. F. Solares, V. M. Sánchez, M.Bayod, R. Brieva, V. Gotor


Alcohol and acyl donor structure effect on the enzymatic acylation of flavonoids

M. Ardhaoui , Jean-Marc Engasser, A. Falcimaigne, P. Moussou, G. Pauly, M. Ghoul


Enzymatic preparation of flavonoid derivatives

F. Mellou, H. Stamatis, F. N. Kolisis


Directed evolution of a Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase for resolution in organic solvents

C. Parsy, L. Iwanejko, A. J. Carnell


Preserving the activity of lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescence by hydrophylisation in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate

D. Trofimova, H.J. de Jongh, A. V. Levashov


Real-time monitoring of lipase-catalysed carbohydrate modification by 1H-NMR spectroscopy

C. G. Boeriu, M. Rosso


Cloning and characterization of a novel lipase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304 

M. Rusnak, R. D. Schmid, R. Petri


Production of ethyl butyrate by lipase-catalysed esterification in batch and in continuous reactors

P. Pires-Cabral, M. R. da Fonseca, S. Ferreira-Dias


Production of margarine basestocks by transesterification of blends of three vegetable fats catalyzed by a commercial immobilized lipase

M. C. Santos, J. H. Gusmão, S. Ferreira-Dias


Response surface modelling of the transesterification of fat blends, rich in ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, by a commercial immobilized lipase

A. C. Nascimento, C. S.R.Tecelão, J. H. Gusmão, M. R.da Fonseca, I. de Sousa, S. Ferreira-Dias


The interaction between Candida antarctica lipase and branched chain fatty acids: a kinetic and molecular modelling study

M.C.R. Franssen, Marc van der Kamp, M. Huibers, J.M. Vervoort


Georichum candidum lipase: activation and its enantioselectivity towards xenobiotic substrates

Z. Kejík, M. Zarevúcka, Z. Wimmer, K. Demnerová


New efficient lipase from Yarrowia lipolytica for the resolution of 2-substituted carboxylic acid esters

G. Sandoval, D. Guieysse, L. Faure, J. L. Uribelarrea, J. M. Nicaud, P. Monsan, A. Marty


Enantioselectivity improvement of Yarrowia lypolitica lipase for resolution of 2-substituted carboxylic acid esters

P. Bauchart, D. Guieysse, L. Roncalli, Ch. Croux, J. M. Nicaud, P. Monsan, A. Marty


Molecular modeling studies on the enantioselective
Esterification of (+/-)-perillyl alcohol catalysed by lipases 

V. Skouridou, E. D. Chrysina, H. Stamatis, N. G. Oikonomakos, F. N. Kolisis


Enzyme storage stability in organic solvents

G. Barletta, A. Ferrer


Characterization of enriched lipoxygenase extract from Aspergillus niger in terms of activity and specificity 

C. E. Hall, S. Kermasha, F. Husson


Selective enzymatic acylation of N‑acetylhexosamines and their derivatives

P. Simerská, A. Pišvejcová, S Nicotra, M. Lama, M. Kuzma, M. Macková, S. Riva, V. Křen


New transglycosylation reactions with modified substrates catalysed by β-N-acetylhexosaminidases

P. Fialová, A. Pišvejcová, L. Weignerová, V. Křen


N-acetylmannosamine containing saccharides: production using b-N-acetylhexosaminidases and their separation by ion-exchange/exclusion chromatography

L. Hušáková, J. Rauvolfová, A. Pišvejcová, R. Ettrich, K. Bezouška, V. Přikrylová, V. Křen


Enzymatic modification of a macrocyclic compound with N‑acetylglucosamine

P. M. Deak, L. Fischer


a-L-Rhamnosidases and their use in selective trimming of natural compounds 

A. Pišvejcová, D. Monti, P. Sedmera, Ch. Tarabiono, M. Lama, S. Riva, V. Křen


Naringinase – activity and stability of a bitter sweet -rhamnopyranosidase, free and immobilized

M.H.L. Ribeiro


Enzymatic glycosylation of carminic acid

J. Hameister, U. Kragl


Medium engineering for the thermostable ß-glucosidase from Pyrococcus furiosus

Ch. Arndt, L. Fischer, U. Kragl


Enzymatic synthesis of functional food incredients from lactose using ß-glycosidase (ec from Pyrococcus furiosus

J. Mayer, S. Lutz-Wahl, L. Fischer


Synthesis of novel food additives, utilising a- and ß-galactosidases with natural and artificial donor substrates

S. Schröder, J. Thiem


Enzymatic removal of lactose from galacto-oligosaccharide mixtures

B. Splechtna, Thu-Ha Nguyen, I. Petzelbauer, K. D. Kulbe, B. Nidetzky, D. Haltrich


ß-Galactosidases from Lactobacilli strains

Thu-Ha Nguyen, B. Splechtna, W. Kneifel, K. D. Kulbe, D. Haltrich


Optimization of enzymic hydrolysis and transgalactosylation in acid whey

J. Rudolfová, L. Čurda


Influence of sodium and calcium ions on the kinetics of thermal and acid inactivation of a-amylase

M.  Polakovič, J. Bryjak, T. Mucha


Glucosylation of alkylglucosides with enzymatic catalysts from Leuconostoc mesenteroides

S. Morel, P. Monsan, G. Richard, M. Remaud-Simeon


Enzymatic glucosylation of 1,5-anhydro-d-fructose by glucansucrases from Leuconostoc mesenteroides

G. Richard, P. Monsan, S. Morel, Shunkun Yu, M. Remaud-Simeon


Increased thermostability of Thermomyces lanuginosus b-xylanase by directed evolution

D. E. Stephens, K. Rumbold, B. A. Prior, K. Permaul, S. Singh


Characterization of pyranose dehydrogenase from Agaricus xanthoderma

M. Kujawa, Ch. Sygmund, Ch. Leitner, C. Peterbauer, J. Volc, K. D. Kulbe,D. Haltrich


Continuous oxidation of glucose by pyranose oxidase: reaction engineering and process development 

Ch. Leitner, P. Halada, M. Kujawa, J. Volc, K. D. Kulbe, D. Haltrich


Synthesis and evaluation of unnatural sugar nucleotides as donor substrates in glycosyltransferase-catalyzed reactions

A. Khaled, T. Ivannikova, C. Augé, A. Lubineau


Fructose-1,6-diphosphate aldolase mediated syntheses of aminocyclitols, analogues of valiolamine

D. Crestia, L. El Blidi, C. Demuynck, E. Gallienne, M. Lemaire, J. Bolte


New fructosyltransferases for potential industrial applications

H. Koslik, S. Lutz-Wahl,L. Fischer


Expression of Fusarium oxysporum lactonase gene in Aspergillus oryzae

K. Honda, E. Sakuradani, M. Kataoka, S. Shimizu


Cloning of the gene encoding for rhamnogalacturonase by a constitutive mutant of Penicillium strain

N. Hadj-Taïeb, A. Gargouri


Preparation of a cyclodextrin glucanotransferase from the bacterial isolate BT3-2: towards the production of large ring cyclodextrins

Qingsheng Qi, W. Zimmermann


Protease catalysed transesterification of sucrose and cyclodextrins

L. H. Pedersen, N. R. Pedersen, J. B. Kristensen, K. L. Larsen


Alkyl-ß-glycoside synthesis using ß-glycosidases from filamentous fungus

M. Gargouri, I. Smaali, T. Maugard, M. D. Legoy, N. Marzouki


Production of fungal b-N-acetylhexosaminidase – effects of various inductors

O. Plíhal, J. Sklenář, P. Matoušek, P. Novák, P. Man, V. Havlíček,  L. Weignerová, A. Pišvejcová, V. Křen, K. Bezouška


Lipases-catalysed preparation of regioselectively acetylated 4-nitrophenyl glycosides

M. Mastihubová, J. Szemesová, P. Biely


Kinetics and thermodynamics of enantioselective alcohol release step in lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis of synthetic esters 

H. Hirohara, H. Kimura, I. Yoshinori, T. Yokota


Substrate profiles of nitrile hydrolysing biocatalysts

D. Brady, C. P. Kenyon, Fred van Rantwijk, R. A Sheldon


Synthesis of enantiopure carboxylic acids using nitrilase catalysis

B.C.M. Fernandes, Fred van Rantwijk, R. A. Sheldon


Biotransformation of N-protected b-amino nitriles to b-amino acids

N. Klempier, M. Preiml, K. Hillmayer


Nitrile hydratase-catalysed transformations of glycosyl cyanides 

V. Mylerová, R. Šnajdrová, L. Somsák, V. Křen, L. Martínková


Enzymatic hydrolysis of nitriles using Aspergillus niger K10

R. Šnajdrová, K. Nicolaou, D. Crestia, O. Kaplan, V. Mylerová, V. Křen, J. Bolte, L. Martínková


Fast screening of nitrile hydratases on colony level

Ch. Reisinger, T. Glieder, H. Schwab


In situ synthesis of protected cyanohydrins using oxynitrilase

T. Purkarthofer, R. Gaisberger, P. Poechlauer,W. Skranc, H. Weber, H. Griengl


Enzyme catalysed cyanohydrin formation from heterocyclic ketones

M. H. Fechter, M. Avi, P. Pöchlauer, H. Griengl


Follow-up chemistry of enzymatically produced optically pure ferrocenyl cyanohydrins

B. Überbacher, H. Weber, R. F.G. Fröhlich, H. Griengl


Efficient synthesis of optically active cyanohydrins using R-oxynitrilase CLEA

L. M. van Langen, R. Selassa, Fred van Rantwijk, R. A. Sheldon


One pot conversion of benzaldehyde into mandelic acid using CLEA technology  

C. Mateo, J. M. Palomo, Fred van Rantwijk, A. Stolz, R. A. Sheldon


Biocatalytic conversions of unnatural substrates by recombinant almond R-HNL

R. Weis, K. Gruber, H. Mandl, H. Mayerhofer, W. Skranc, M. Wubbolts, H. Schwab, A. Glieder


 Cyanohydrin formation using wildtype and mutant hnl as a starting point for further transformations

R. Gaisberger, M. H. Fechter, T. Purkarthofer, H. Griengl


Substrate specificity of mutants of the hydroxynitrile lyase from Manihot esculenta

F. Effenberger, H. Bühler, S. Förster, H. Lauble, B. Miehlich, H. Wajant


Substrate specificity of mutants of hydroxynitrile lyase from Hevea brasiliensis and heterologous expression of the enzyme variants in Pichia pastoris

B. Krammer, P. Remler, K. Gruber, M. Schiller, H. Schwab


Cloning of a nitrilase gene from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis spp. PCC6803 and heterologous expression and characterization of the encoded protein

U. Heineman, D. Engels, A. Stolz


Diversity of nitrile hydratase enzymes from geographically distinct Rhodococcus erythropolis strains

P. F. B. Brandão, J. P. Clapp, R. Dürr, Ch. Syldatk, A. Bull


Glutaryl-7-aca acylase: a new tool for the biocatalyzed kinetic resolution of racemic amines and alcohols 

S. Raimondi, L. Forti, D. Monti, S. Riva


Substrate tolerance of glutaryl acylase

P. Grundmann, W. D. Fessner


New application of aminoacylase I – enantioselective conversions of amino acids carboxylic derivatives

M. I. Youshko, V. K. Švedas, R. A. Sheldon


Penicillin acylase-catalyzed resolition of amines in aqueous medium

Dorel T. Guranda, A. J. Khimiuk, T. S. Volovik, A.V. Tarasov, P. G. Yolkin, V.K. Švedas


Resolution of (R,S)-phenylglycinonitrile by penicillin acylase-catalyzed acylation in an aqueous medium

G. G. Chilov, H. M. Moody, W. H.J. Boesten, V. K. Švedas


Characteristics of penicillin G amidase and d-amino acid oxidase in ionic liquids

S. Lutz-Wahl, Eva-Maria Trost, L. Fischer


Immobilised penicillin amidase (E. coli) onto magnetic, micro, non-porous carriers: characterisation in model reactions

D. Bozhinova, M. Franzreb, R. Köster, B. Galunsky, V. Kasche


Expression cloning of environmental dna for the discovery of new penicillin amidases

E. M. Gabor, E. J. de Vries, D. B. Janssen


Directed evolution of penicillin acylases to improve the synthesis of β-lactam antibiotics

S. A.W. Jager, D. B. Janssen


Homology model of penicillin acylase from Alcaligenes faecalis and in silico evaluation of its selectivity

P. Braiuca, C. Ebert, L. Fischer, L Gardossi, P. Linda


Novel epoxide hydrolases identified by genome analysis

Bert van Loo, J. Kingma, E. J. de Vries, J. H. Lutje Spelberg,  D. B. Janssen


Immobilisation and stabilization of the A. niger epoxide hydrolase. A novel biocatalytic tool for repeated-batch hydrolytic kinetic resolution of epoxides

C. Mateo, A. Archelas, R. Fernandez-Lafuente, J. M. Guisan, R. Furstoss


A high-performance epoxide hydrolase reactor. Application to the preparative scale synthesis of azole antifungal agents key synthons

N. Monfort, A. Archelas, R. Furstoss


Preparative scale enzymatic kinetic resolution of glycidyl acetal derivatives using the A. niger epoxide hydrolase

B. Doumeche, A. Archelas, R. Furstoss


Preparation and properties of immobilized epoxide hydrolase from Aspergillus niger

S. Karboune, A. Archelas, R. Furstoss, J. C. Baratti


Biocatalytic preparation of optically pure epoxides and alcohols

J. H. L. Spelberg, L. Tang, E. J. de Vries, R. M. Kellogg,  D. B. Janssen


Improving the biocatalytic properties of a halohydrin dehalogenase by modifying the halide binding site

Lixia Tang, Daniel, E. T. Pazmiño, M. W. Fraaije, D. B. Janssen


Computer-assisted engineering of haloalkane dehalogenases for environmental applications

J. Damborsky, A. Jesenska, Z. Prokop, J. Kmunicek, M. Bohac, R. Chaloupkova, M. Pavlova, M. Monincova, M. Strouhal, T. Jedlicka, I. Tesinska, M. Klvana, M. Otyepka, P. Banas, Y. Nagata, A. Oakley


Application of degenerate oligonucleotide gene shuffling for construction of hybrid haloalkane dehalogenase

A. Jesenská, Y. Nagata, J. Damborský


Kinetics and specificity of haloalkane dehalogenase LinB from Sphingomonas paucimobilis UT26

Z. Prokop, M. Monincová, M. Klvaňa, R. Chaloupková, D. B. Janssen, Y. Nagata, J. Damborský


Comparison of four yeast pyruvate decarboxylases for R-phenylacetylcarbinol production

G. Satianegara, C. Gunawan, A. K. Chen, M. Breuer, B. Hauer, P. L. Rogers, B. Rosche


Improved production of Candida utilis pyruvate decarboxylase for biotransformation

A. K. Chen, M. Breuer, B. Hauer, P. L. Rogers, B. Rosche


Lactate racemase as a versatile tool for the racemization of α-hydroxycarboxylic acids

S. M. Glueck, M. Pirker, B. Schnell, W. Kroutil, K. Faber


Development of a multi-enzymatic system for C-C bond formation 

J. F. García, I. Sánchez, A. Bastida, M. Latorre, E. García-Junceda


Aminotransferases for the production of unnatural amino acids: application to glutamic acid analogues

T. Gefflaut, S. Alaux, J. Rossi, J. Bolte


Oxidation of poly(ethylene glycols) by alcohol oxidase from Pichia pastoris

N. Gorochovceva, I. Matijosyte, S. Budriene, R. Makuska, G. Dienys


Scale up of biocatalytic synthesis of chiral fine chemicals on the example of enantiopure 2,3-butanediol

T. Daußmann, Hans-Georg Hennemann, R. Feldmann, T. Kalthoff ,W. Hummel


Production of enantiopure (2R)-piperidine derivatives in high yields by enzyme-catalyzed dynamic kinetic resolution

O. Vielhauer, O. Reiser, Ch. Syldatk, M. Pietzsch


Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation process by phenylacetaldehyde reductase to produce chiral alcohols

N. Itoh, Y. Makino, T. Dairi


Two novel reductases catalyzing the stereospecific reduction of C=C and C=O bonds

M. Kataoka, A. Kotaka, M. Wada, S. Nakamori, S. Shimizu


Enantioselective enzymatic and chemical hydrolysis of sec-alkyl sulfate esters

S. R. Wallner, B. Nestl, M. Pogorevc, W. Kroutil, K. Faber


Laccase-nitroxyl radical catalyzed oxidation of alcohols: mechanistic investigations

Yu-Xin Li, Isabel W.C.E. Arends, R. A. Sheldon


Oxidative coupling of natural phenol derivatives catalyzed by laccases 

S. Nicotra, B. Danieli, L. Forti, A. Intra, S. Riva


Biocatalysis of endogenous apple polyphenol oxidase in organic solvent media using selected substrates

A. Hossain, S. Kermasha, B. Bisakowski


Biocatalysis of chlorophyllase in organic solvent medium-containing canola oil model system

M. Bitar, S. Karboune, B. Bisakowski, S. Kermasha


Combined alkene monooxygenase and epoxide hydrolase biocatalysts for two step transformations

N. Zhou, D. J. Leak 


Styrene monooxygenase is a versatile biocatalyst for enantiospecific epoxidation reactions in cell-free systems

K. Hofstetter, I. Lang, J. Lutz, K. Otto, B. Witholt, A. Schmid


2‑Hydroxybiphenyl 3-monooxygenase: large scale preparation and cell free application in emulsions the application of cross-linked enzyme precipitates (CLEPs)

J. Lutz, B. Witholt, A. Schmid


Biocatalyst development for the production of cis-diols using chlorobenzene dioxygenase

S. Yildirim, Hans-P E. Kohler, R. Wohlgemuth, B. Witholt, A. Schmid


Screening and optimisation of commercial enzymes for the enantioselective hydrolysis of (R,S)-naproxen ester

L. Steenkamp, D. Brady


Asymmetric transformation of enol acetates with esterases from Marchantia polymorpha

T. Hirata,  K. Shimoda, T. Kawano, M. Miyawaki, N. Kubota


Enzyme-mediated enantioselective hydrolysis of peg-tagged carbonates

M. Shimojo, K. Matsumoto, H. Ohta


T. reesei acetyl esterase catalyzed transesterification in water

L. Kremnický, V. Mastihuba, G. L. Côté


Preliminary x-ray crystal structure information of an esterase from Pseudomonas fluorescens

J. D. Cheeseman, J. Schrag, R. J. Kazlauskas


Enantiopure sulfinamides via subtilisin-catalyzed kinetic resolution of N-acylsulfinamides

Ch. K. Savile,R. J. Kazlauskas


Utilization of microbial proteases for peptide synthesis in organic media

T. Miyazawa, M. Hiramatsu, S. Masaki


Trypsin assisted semisynthesis of human insulin analogues

K. Huml , Š. Zórad, J. Škarda , J. Barthová, J. Velek, J. Ježek, J. Straková, A. Ciencialová, V. Kašička, K. Ubik, L. Hauzerová, L. Klasová, T. Barth


Discovery of a novel heme-containing lyase, phenylacetaldoxime dehydratase, from microorganisms and its application to organic synthesis

Y. Kato,Y. Asano


New chromogenic substrates of paraoxonase (pon1)

Anh Nga Phung, Ch. Birkner, R. Herrmann, Wolf-Dieter Fessner


A fluorogenic assay for transketolase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

A. Sevestre, V. Helaine, L. Hecquet


Optimization of spectrophotometric method suitable for assessing primary amino groups in dairy proteins and monitoring course of enzymatic hydrolysis

A. Dryáková, L. Čurda, J. Rudolfová


Production of benzaldehyde from phenylalanine catalysed by a bienzymatic oxidase-peroxidase system

K. Okrasa , E. Guibé-Jampel , M. Therisod


Enzymatic synthesis of natural vanillin

Robert H.H. van den Heuvel, Willy A. M. van den Berg, S. Rovida, A. Mattevi, W. J.H. van Berkel


Chemoenzymatic asymmetric total synthesis of an aroma constituent of jamaican rum and of (+)-pestalotin

H. Mang, S. F. Mayer, K. Faber


Enzyme-generated radicals as a tool to produce natural compounds. The case of the production of carotenoid-derived aroma compounds 

Y. Wache, F. Husson, Jean-Marc Belin


Effect of culture medium composition on the biogenesis of the natural flavor 1-octen-3-ol by P. camemberti

F.  Husson, K. N. Krumov, E. Cases, P. Cayot,   S. Kermasha, Jean-Marc Belin


Genetic engineering of the γ-oxidation pathway in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica to increase the production of aroma compounds

Y. Waché, A. Groguenin, E. E. Garcia, M. Aguedo, F. Husson, Marie-Thérese LeDall, Jean-Marc Nicaud, Jean-Marc Belin


Synthetic studies on heliannane sesquiterpenes via chemoenzymatic transformation

K. Shishido, T. Kamei, M. Shindo


Regioselective enzymatic acylation of polyhydroxylated sesquiterpenoids

A. Intra, G. Nasini, S. Riva


Syntheses and enzymatic evaluation of substrate analogs of medium-chain prenyl diphosphate synthase

Y. Maki, M. Satoh, M. Takekawa, N. Ohya, M. Nagaki, T. Koyama


Substrate specificities of several prenylchain elongating enzymes with respect to 4-methyl-4-pentenyl diphosphate

M. Nagaki, Y. Miki, M. Nakada, Y. Maki, T. Nishino, T. Koyama


Extracellular sterol oxidase of Mycobacterium vaccae

V. M. Nikolayeva, M. V.Donova


21-acetoxy-pregna-4(5),9(11),16(17)-triene-21-ol-3,20-dione bioconversion by Nocardioides simplex VKM Ac-2033D

V. V. Fokina, M. V. Donova


Microbial conversion of sterol-enriched fractions of soybean oil production waste by Mycobacterium sp. VKM Ac-1817D

D. V. Dovbnia , M. V. Donova, G. V. Sukhodolskaya, S. M. Khomutov,  V. M. Nikolayeva


Sitosterol side-chain cleavage in an organic-aqueous two-liquid phase system with chrysotile immobilized mycobaterial cells

R. Wendhausen, M. E. Frigato; A. Cruz , P. Fernandes, H. M. Pinheiro, J. M. S. Cabral


Sitosterol side-chain cleavage by free mycobacterial resting cells in organic media: assessment key operational parameters

B. Angelova, A. Cruz, P. Fernandes, H. M. Pinheiro, J. M.S. Cabral


Optimization of androstenedione production in an organic-aqueous two-liquid phase system 

A. Staebler, P. Fernandes, Wouter van der Goot, A. Cruz, H. M. Pinheiro, J. M.S. Cabral


Enantioselective synthesis of (+) and (-)-(Z)-7,15-hexadecadien-4-olide, the sex pheromone of the yellowish elongate chafer, Heptophilla picea

G. C. Clososki, L. C. Ricci, C. E. Costa, J. V. Comasseto


Enzymatic baeyer-villiger oxidation of new 2- and 3-substituted cyclohexanones

M. Vogel, A. Schulze


Enantiodivergent Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of functionalized prochiral cyclohexanone derivatives utilizing recombinant cells

F. Rudroff, P. Stanetty, M. D. Mihovilovic


Microbial Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of prochiral tetrahydropyranons using recombinant whole-cells

B. Grötzl, W. Kandioller, H. Spreitzer, P. Stanetty, M. D. Mihovilovic


Microbial Baeyer-Villiger oxidation: synthesis of optically active geissman-waiss lactone

A. Luna, V. Alphand, R. Furstoss


Microbial Baeyer-Villiger oxidation: a dynamic kinetic resolution using a heterogeneous racemisation catalyst

M. C. Gutiérrez, N. Berezina, V. Alphand, R. Furstoss


Microbial Baeyer-Villiger oxidation: a process concept combining biotransformation and solid phase extraction in a novel way

I. Hilker, V. Alphand, R. Furstoss


Microbial Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of bicyclo[4.3.0]-
and bicyclo[3.3.0] ketones using recombinant whole-cells

B. Müller, M. M. Kayser, P. Stanetty, M. D. Mihovilovic


Engineering a NADH-specific Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase

N. M. Kamerbeek, M. W. Fraaije, D. B. Janssen


Directed evolution of enantioselectivity of cyclohexanone monooxygenase

B. Brunner, T. H. Schneider, F. Daligault, M. Hermes, M. Kayser,  M. T. Reetz


Biohydroxylations of ketones and aldehydes with Sphingomonas sp. HXN‑200 using the docking/protecting group concept

Anna de Raadt, Karl-Heinrich Engesser, H. Griengl, Zhi Li, D. F.Münzer, J.B.van Beilen, H. Weber, B. Witholt


Investigations into the biohydroxylation of chiral alcohols employing the docking/protecting group concept

Anna de Raadt A., B. Fetz, R. Fröhlich, H. Griengl, D. F. Münzer, E. Pinter, T. Terzani, H. Weber


Efficient enantioselective bio-oxidation of sec-alcohols

K. Edegger, W. Stampfer, B. Kosjek, K. Faber, W. Kroutil


Biohydroxylations of bicyclic saturated γ-lactones with the substituted cyclohexane system 

W. Gładkowski, M. Konopka, M. Grabarczyk, C. Wawrzeńczyk


Solventless yeast mediated reactions

N. Athanasiou, A. J. Smallridge, M. A. Trewhella


Enantioselective enzymic reduction of a prochiral cyclic ketone using yeasts

Z. Wimmer, M. Zarevúcka, P. Sochůrková


Baker’s yeast mediated asymmetric reduction of cinnamaldehyde derivatives

L. C. Fardelone, J. A. R. Rodrigue, P. J. S. Moran


Enantioselective oxidation and reduction of acyclic compounds by a yeast 

K. Matsumoto, K. Hashimoto, J. Tatsuta, Y. Nagai


Asymmetric reduction of ketones by photosynthetic organisms

K. Nakamura, R. Yamanaka


Asymmetric reduction by Geotrichum candidum in supercritical carbon dioxide using semi-continuous flow reactor

T. Matsuda, K. Watanabe, T. Harada, K. Nakamura


Bioreduction of acetophenones and deracemization of aryl ethanols by fungi

J. V. Comasseto, A. T. Omori, L. H. Andrade, A. L. M. Porto


Enantioselective reduction of 1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-halo-1-ethanones by Rhodotorula glutinis

cct 2182

H. Antunes, L. C. Fardelone, J. A. R. Rodrigues, P. J. S. Moran


Highly efficient extractive biocatalysis with Amberlite XAD-7 in the asymmetric reduction of enones by Pichia kluyveri and Rhodotorula glutinis

G. J. A. Conceição, P. J. S. Moran, J. A. R. Rodrigues


Enzymatic dynamic kinetic resolution of (±)-2-hydroxy-1-indanone by Trichosporon cutaneum: a shortcut to homochiral (1S,2R)-1,2-indandiol

G. J. A. Conceição, P. J. S. Moran, J. A. R. Rodrigues


Asymmetric hydrogenation of nitroalkenes using Clostridium sporogenes

A. Sadeghi, H. Li, L. Noble, P. Mather, D. Hatziantoniou, Z. Law, K. Vasiliki, J. M. Gardiner, G. Stephens


Multi bioreaction screening, a tool to discover new enzymatic activities

A. J. Marsaioli, Lu Shi Chen, L. Pinheiro, Luiz A.M.A.da Costa,  B. Bicalho


Enantioselective oxidation of sulfides and sulfinic acid ester with the aid of brazilian microorganisms

Luiz A.M.A. da Costa, A. J. Marsaioli


Asymmetric synthesis of arylselenoalcohols by means of the reduction of organoseleno acetophenones by fungi

J. V. Comasseto, Á. T. Omori, André L. M. Porto, L. H. Andrade


Enantioselective sulfide oxidation catalysed by recombinant Escherichia coli  whole cells

F. Zambianchi, S. Raimondi, P. Pasta, G. Carrea, S. Colonna


Application of bacterial aldehyde oxidation system for simple preparation of useful acids

K. Mitsukura, Y. Sato, T. Yoshida, T. Nagasawa


Microbial deracemization of a-substituted carboxylic acids

Dai-ichiro Kato, S. Mitsuda, H. Ohta


Microbial deracemisation of β-hydroxy esters – an important strategy towards various chiral intermediates

S. K. Padhi, N. G. Pandian, A. Chadha


Microbial models of animal drug metabolism: microbial preparation and identification of hydroxylated metabolites of irbesartan

V. Alexandre, S. Ladril, M. Maurs, R. Azerad


A high throughput screening method for the study of microbial metabolism of xenobiotics and the generation of molecular diversity

C. Marvalin, M. Maurs, R. Azerad, X. Morge


Predictive biotransformation of potential toxic chemicals

R. Prakash, A. Kapoor, N. T. Prakash


Inducible and constitutive cytochromes P-450 involved in oxidation of terfenadine by Streptomyces platensis

C. Mazier, M. Jaouen, Marie-Agnès Sari, D. Buisson


Biotransformation of terfenadine, ebastine and analogues by some microorganisms

I. Salard, C. Mazier, D. Buisson


Is the oxidative cleavage of heterocyclic naphthoquinones in Streptomyces catalyzed by a member of the hydroquinone-epoxidase family?

C. Fosse, L. Le Texier, R. Azerad


Biphasic bioconversion of naphthalenes into dihydrodiols: solvent effects and substrate differences

S. Bernasconi, F. Orsini, G. Sello, P. Conforti, M. Tansi, E. Galli, P. Di Gennaro, G. Bestetti


Biotransformation of pyridines with Pseudomonas sp strain NCIB 9816-4

L. V. Modyanova


Carbazole hydroxylation by Aspergillus flavus VKM Ac-1024

T. G. Lobastova, G. V. Sukhodolskaya, M. V. Donova


One-pot extraction-solvolysis of triacylglycerides catalyzed by Rhizopus oryzae resting-cells in solvent and solvent-free media

M. Oromí, J. J. Méndez, R. Canela, M. Torres


Novel hydrolases from thermofilic fungi for stereoselective biotransformations

V. Bódai, C. Paizs, M. Toşa,C. Majdik, S. Pilbák, L. Novák, Florin-Dan Irimie, G. Szakács, L. Poppe


Novel hydrolases from thermophilic filamentous fungi for enantiomer and enantiotopic selective biotransformations

V. Bódai, G. Szakács, C. Paizs, S. Pilbák, R. Peredi, J. Bálint, G. Egri, L. Novák, J. Dukai, L. Poppe


Cloning and expression in E. coli of the gene encoding Streptomyces PMF PLD, a phospholipase d with high transphosphatidylation activity

D. Monti, C. Zambonelli, P. Morandi, M. A. Vanoni, G. Tedeschi, Rossana di Lorenzo, S. Servi, B. Curt, G. Carrea


Inversion of the enantioselectivity of arylmalonate decarboxylase by point mutation

Y. Terao, Y. Ijima, H. Kakidani, H. Ohta 


Chiral alcohol production by β-ketoester reductase from Penicillium citrinum coupled with regeneration system of NADPH

H. Asako, R. Wakita, M. Shimizu, N. Itoh


Heterologous expression and site directed mutagenesis of alkene monooxygenases for improved activity and stereoselectivity

S. Askew, V. Champreda, D. J. Leak 


Directed evolution of dszabc operon from Rhodococcus  sp. Ds7: evaluation of the selected mutants for biodesulfurization activity on different substrates

E. Franchi, L. Alberti, F. Rodriguez, L. Serbolisca, F. de Ferra


Mastering pox genotype for fatty acid transport and accumulation in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

K. Mlíčková, Luo Y. , Sabine d´Andrea, P. Peč, T. Chardot, Jean-Marc Nicaud


Production of rubber molecules with recombinant Hevea brasiliensis rubber transferase

K. Asawatreratanakul, Yuan-Wei Zhang, D. Wititsuwannakul, R. Wititsuwannakul, S. Takahashi, T. Koyama


Gel-stabilized two-phase systems: new approaches to the enzymatic synthesis of hydrophobic fine chemicals

M. Ansorge-Schumacher


Sol-gel biocomposite materials as solid-phase biocatalysts

F. Peter, G. Preda, A. Chiriac, C. Savii, M. Dragomirescu


Immobilisation of P450 BM-3 and an NADP+ cofactor recycling system: towards a technical application of heme-containing monooxygenases in fine chemical synthesis

S. C. Maurer, V. Urlacher, R. D. Schmid


Enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides on a dendrimeric soluble support

R. Daniellou, Ch. Le Narvor, A. Lubineau


Immobilization of inulinase for sucrose hydrolysis 

R. Catana, P. Fernandes, B S. Ferreira, Joaquim M.S. Cabral


Improving geranyl acetate synthesis in supercritical fluids with zeolites

C. Peres, N. Harper, S. Barreiros


Crosslinking of proteins by peroxidase-mediated oxidative dehydrogenation in the presence of exogenous phenols

C. G. Boeriu, G. Oudgenoeg, H. Gruppen, Willem J.H. van Berkel, Cees van Dijk


Investigation of kinetics of immobilized liver esterase by flow calorimetry

F. Malík, V. Štefuca, V. Báleš


Taurine chlorination by myeloperoxidase/H2O2/Cl- system: A kinetic steady-state study

D. R. Ramos, M. Canle L., M. V. García, Juan A. Santaballa,  Ch. Obinger


The electrochemistry of haem proteins in nonaqueous solvents

E. Magner, C. Grealis, D. O’Donoghue


The study of electrochemical properties of the redox enzymes in organic solvents

A. Konash, E. Magner


The ideal biocatalyst: the new approach and its application in biocatalysis process development

S. G. Burton, Don A. Cowan,  J. M. Woodley


Opportunities and challenges for biocatalysis in the pharmaceutical industry

D. R. Yazbeck, J. Tao, C. A. Martinez, B. J. Kline, S. Hu, D. Tat


From fermentation engineering to genetically engineered host cells: different approaches for optimization of bacterial glycosyltransferases production

A. Bastida, M. Latorre, J. F. García, E. García-Junceda


Synergistic association of bacteria and a green microalga for the biodegradation of aromatic pollutants

C. Nugier-Chauvin, X. Borde, H. Patin, R. Hatti-Kaul, Bo Mattiasson


Studies on biotransformations of hard carbon coatings (DLC & NCD)

Szczesna-Antczak M., Antczak T., Bielecki S., Kaczorowska A., Mitura S., Niedzielski P.


Cell adaptation to substrate, solvent and product: a successful strategy to overcome product inhibition in a bioconversion system

Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho, M. Manuela R. da Fonseca


Towards the bio-production of trans-carveol and carvone from limonene

Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho, M. Manuela R. da Fonseca


Biodegradation of hydrocarbons under saline and non-saline conditions at 15 and 28ºC

Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho,M. Manuela R. da Fonseca


Biodegradation of motor oils at 16 and 28ºC by Rhodococcus erythropolis DCL14

Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho, M. Manuela R. da Fonseca


Preliminary studies on the optimisation of fermentation processes in batch culture for the production of erythromycin

Maria H.L. Ribeiro, I. A.C. Ribeiro


Use of nitrile hydratase from Brevibacterium imperiale CBS 498-74 resting cells for proprioamide production: a study in uf-membrane reactors

M. Cantarella, L. Cantarella, A. Gallifuoco, A.Spera, F. Alfani


Biotransformations for the production of optically pure 1,2-o-isopropylidene glycerol 

R. Gandolfi, N. Ferrara, R. Gualndris, F. Molinari


Optimization of methylenedioxyphenyl-acetone chiral bioreduction

B. Erdélyi, A. Szabó, L. Birincsik


Comparision of 1,3-dihydroxyaceton and l-erythrulose production of Gluconobacter oxydans ATCC 621h

B. Kupcsulik, B. Szikszai, B. Sevella


Bioprocess development for ephedrine production

B. Rosche, V. Sandford, N. Leksawasdi, A. Chen, G. Satianegara, C. Gunawan, M. Breuer, B. Hauer, P. Rogers


Process development for R-phenylacetylcarbinol (PAC) production in aqueous/organic two-phase biotransformation

C. Gunawan, M. Breuer, B. Hauer, P. L. Rogers, B. Rosche


Preparation of an ephedrine chiral synthon by baker’s yeast reduction of 1-phenyl-1,2-propanedione

E. Lourenço, J. A. R. Rodrigues, P. J. S. Moran


Whole-cell bioconversion of l-phenylalanine to 2-phenylethanol with yeasts: medium optimization using a genetic algorithm

J. Schrader, M. Etschmann, D. Sell


Production of alcohols and aldehydes by baker’s yeast in a solid/ gas reactor

V. Grizon, S. Lamare, Marie-Dominique Legoy


Action of hydrolytic enzymes on synthetic fibres

A. O’Neill, C. Silva, F. Carneiro, G. M.Guebitz, A. Cavaco-Paulo


Novel enzyme applications on cotton cellulose

T. Tzanov, M. Stamenova, A. Cavaco-Paulo


Enzymatic dyeing of keratinous materials

T. Tzanov, E. Prada, C. J. Silva, A. Zille, A. Cavaco-Paulo


Chemo enzymatic preparation of d-alloisoleucine

M. Cambié, P. D’Arrigo, L. Del Corona, E. Fasoli, S. Servi, D. Tessaro


Phospholipase D catalysed synthesis of phosphatidylserine in a hollow-fiber membrane reactor

P. D’Arrigo, E. Fasoli, G. Fantoni Pedrocchi, S. Servi, D. Tessaro


Biosynthesis of sesquiterpene lactones in chicory and application of the enzymes involved

M. C.R. Franssen, Jan-Willem de Kraker, M. Schurink, H. J. Bouwmeester, A. de Groot


Enantioselective hydrolysis of 1-oxaspiro[2.5]octanes by yeast epoxide hydrolase

C. Weijers, R. Herpers, P. Meeuwse, M. Franssen


Dynamic kinetic resolution of alcohols: complementary reactions in stereoselectivity

Kiwon Han, Yong Il Chung, Yoon Kyung Choi, Han Ki Lee, Mahn-Joo Kim, J. Park


Applications of ionic liquids in biocatalysis: enhancement of enzyme activity and selectivity

Sang Oh Jung, Jae Kwan Lee, Hyesun Jung, Mahn-Joo Kim


Acinetobacter sp. lipase and its application to resolve 1,3-dioxolane

Chan Seong Cheong, So Ha Lee


Screening and synthetic application of new bacterial alcohol dehydrogenase for enantioselective reduction of ß-keto esters

Jie Zhang, W. Duetz, B. Witholt, Zhi Li 


Enantioselective trans-dihydroxylation of non-activated C-C double bond and enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic and meso-epoxides with Sphingomonas sp. HXN-200

D. Chang, M. F. Heringa, Zeya Liu, Z. Wang, B. Witholt, Zhi Li


Purification and modelling of a soluble P450 monooxygenase in Sphingomonas sp. HXN-200

D. Chang, M. Bonza, J. B. van Beilen, B. Witholt, Zhi Li


b-N-Acetylhexosaminidase-catalysed synthesis of non-reducing oligosaccharides

J. Rauvolfová, V. Přikrylová, L. Weignerová, M. Kuzma, M. Macková, P. Fialová, A. Pišvejcová, V. Křen


Chemical biomimetic synthesis and enzymatic conversions of the biogenic precursors artemisinic acid and arteannuin B

D. R. Crestia, C. Parsy, A. J. Carnell, L. Iwanejko, P. M. O’Neill


Polymeric membranes synthesis for potable water production

R.M.Ribeiro, Gisela M. Zanin, R. Bergamasco, M.L. Gimenes, B.P. Dias Filho


Specifity of fungal keratinolytic proteases

H. Gradisar, R. Jerala, Jozefa Friedrich


Is the aroma compound g-decalactone produced by yeast in response to a membrane – rigidifying stress induced by the biotransformation medium?

Mario Aguedo, L. Beney, Y. Waché, F. Husson, Jean – Marc Belin


Glycomimetics as selective tools for enzyme inhibition

A.T. Carmona, F. Popowycz, S. Gerber-Lemaire, E. Rodriguez-Garcia, P. Vogel, Inmaculada Robina


Preparation of deazapurine nucleosides by microbial transglycosylation

L. Betancor, M. Nóbile, E. Lewkowicz, Luis E. Iglesias, A. M. Iribaren


A surprising double oxidation of 7-phenylbicyclo[3.2.0]hept-2-en-6-one derivatives by Cunninghamella echinulata NRRL 3655

I. J.S. Fairlamb, S. Grant, D. A. Maddrell, Gideon Grogan


Evaluation of the effect of resins and linker structures on Penicillin G acylase catalyzed hydrolysis of phenylacetic acid from solid supports

A. Basso, P. Braiuca, Ch. Carboni, L. De Martin, L. Gardossi, C. Ebert, P. Linda. R. V. Ulijn, S. L. Flitch


Last Update June 3, 2003